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The Voice of Silas
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Season Two, Episode 2
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Air date June 4th, 2015
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"The Voice of Silas" is the 2nd episode of Carmilla season two. It aired on June 4th, 2015.


Looking like an extra from Carrie, Perry tells our gang about the horror she encountered at the Voice of Silas. The terrible news prompts Laura to propose a plan of action and make amends for fleeing the campus.


Perry... are you okay?

Laura attempts to discern if Perry is injured, but finds no actual injury on her. Perry explains that she found the entirety of the newspaper staff slaughtered, hence the blood.

I... I went to the newspaper offices.

LaFontaine bursts into the room, armed with improvised weaponry, before spotting Perry and trying to calm her down, as Perry's state of affairs has caused her to worry about the floor. LaFontaine asks Perry to recount what happened.

Who would do this?! They were just some kids at the student paper!

Perry explains that when she went to the newspaper's offices in order to ask about the library, she slipped on something, which she found to be blood, and discovered the bodies of the newspaper's employees. After recovering her wits, she ran straight back.

There's... no one to call, and at this point we would settle for the Ghostbusters.

Laura suggests they call campus security or the police. Carmilla says that campus security was comprised of The Dean's underlings, none of whom would be willing to help in light of recent events, and that none of them survived the previous semester anyways, either because they fell in battle during confrontation with The Dean or fled after The Dean was slain. LaFontaine points out the police won't step foot on the campus due to the supernatural occurrences, and thus they are on their own.

We just left everyone else to deal with the mess.

Laura is upset that despite their victory over The Dean, the state of affairs at the University has not improved at all. In fact, The Dean's death made things worse, as the Zetas, Summers and Alchemy Club members have begun a civil war to seize control of the school, while earthquakes caused by the anglerfish have driven off much of the staff.

Oh, I am so gonna have to lie to my dad. *Thud*

As a result of the chaos ensuing, with supernatural events complicating matters, Laura feels responsible for the events at Silas. She explains that slaying The Dean has led to the current situation, and didn't accomplish much beyond stopping the abductions, but resolves to make things better for the school, by discovering the truth behind the murders.


Cultural References[]

  • Carrie - A novel by Stephen King in 1974, about a bullied girl who uses her newly discovered telekinetic powers to get revenge on those who tormented her. There have been several adaptations, the most famous being the 1976 and 2013 film adaptations. One of the most famous scenes from the novel and films is when pig's blood is dropped on Carrie.
  • Ghostbusters - a 1984 supernatural comedy about parapsychologists/ghost hunters. The phrase "Who you gonna call?" has become synonymous with the Ghostbusters franchise.


LaFontaine: Is everyone alright? I heard screaming. The possibly being murdered kind. Not the fun kind.

Perry: I'm fine. No really. I'm fine. I'm- I... I'm dripping blood on the very expensive rug. We- We need to need to put down towels.

Laura: This wasn't supposed to happen.
Carmilla: We created a power vacuum. This is what always happens.
Laura: Well excuse me for not having lived through half of European history.



Carmilla Season 2 Episode 2 "The Voice Of Silas"