Silas Glee Club is a segment at the end of selected episodes which feature some up and coming queer, feminist, and WoC musicians.

Known for singing through the halls of Silas, members of the Glee Club can always be counted on to lighten the mood. They are not known for following rules, but their charisma and ability to talk their way out of any bind is what everyone loves about them. Whether they're belting out a Gregorian chant in Dudley chapel or beat-boxing their way between classes, Glee Club members are as versatile as they come.[1]

Featured Members Edit

  • Jordan Alexander - "Take Me Out Tonight"
  • Skydive - "The Witching Hour"
  • Jenna Mason-Brase - "The One That Everybody Knows"
  • Jessica Rose - "Yesterday's A Dream"
  • It Was Romance - "Hooking Up With Girls"
  • Common Holly - "If After All"
  • Arbors Lane - "Something Left"
  • Gammage - "Jammage"
  • Nice Cat - "At Night"


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