The second season of Carmilla premiered on June 2nd, 2015 on VervegirlTV's channel on YouTube. The second season consisted of 36 episodes.


Production CrewEdit

  • U by Kotex - Executive Producer/Sponsor
  • Jay Bennett - Executive Producer
  • Stephanie Ouaknine - Creator/Producer
  • Ted Biggs - Producer
  • Spencer Maybee - Director
  • Jordan Hall - Creator/Writer/Main Writer
  • Ellen Simpson - Creator/Writer/Social Media Writer


Title Original air date Logline
Brave New World June 2nd, 2015 Having just returned to Silas, Carmilla, Laura, LaF and Perry settle in the swish new digs Carmilla has just stolen for them. Things don't stay quiet for long…
The Voice of Silas June 4th, 2015 Looking like an extra from Carrie, Perry tells our gang about the horror she encountered at the Voice of Silas. The terrible news prompts Laura to propose a plan of action and make amends for fleeing the campus.
SNN June 9th, 2015 Laura gives Katie Couric a run for her money by taking over the Voice of Silas and turning it into the "Silas News Network". It's not long before she organizes a Peace Summit with the Zetas and the Summers. "
War & Pieces June 11th, 2015 With the Zetas and Summers unable to agree on a truce, Kirsch volunteers himself & Danny to become the "impartial" representatives of both factions - while the gang attempts to find out who's behind the murders of the Voice of Silas staff.
Something Wicked June 16th, 2015 Perry shows the unfortunate threat - written in Latin and in blood - inscribed onto her stomach. It ain't pretty. In true Silas fashion, Laura receives a creepy letter from the university announcing the return of the Board of Governors.
The Chair of the Board June 18th, 2015 Matska "Mattie" Belmonde, the Chair of the Board - and Carmilla's big sister - threatens Laura and demands she alter her broadcasts.
Arrangements For Living June 23rd, 2015 Laura confronts Carmilla about the fact that they'd been living in The Dean's quarters; Mattie returns to "alter the message" of Laura's SNN broadcasts
Vanishing Act June 25th, 2015 The gang must deal with the disappearance of the Library - and that they may loose JP as a consequence.
Cutting Losses June 30th, 2015 Mattie lays down the law and explains why The Board has been selling off the Campus to external parties. Just when the squad seems out of the options…they look at Carmilla: she's got to spy on her sister.
Sister Spycraft July 2nd, 2015 Carmilla makes like Sydney Bristow and invites Mattie for a blood cocktail & a chat, in an attempt to gleam information from her big sis.
Adonis Interrupted July 7th, 2015 A frantic Kirsch hides in Laura & Carmilla's den: the Summer Society is after him since he's a stag in the Adonis Hunt!
Enter the Lugenbaron July 9th, 2015 Laura and Danny meet another board member who might side with them against Mattie: Baron Vordenberg.
Emergency Procedures July 14th, 2015 Perry is none too pleased when it turns out LaF has Frankensteined JP into…Will's dead body. Meanwhile, Vordenberg reveals some information to Laura about Carmilla's past.
Sous Les Paves July 16th, 2015 After an uninspiring "Silas for Students!" rally, Laura pushes Carmilla to become the Student Representative on the Silas Board. Carm has a choice to make.
No Heroics July 21st, 2015 Laura and Carmilla grapple with the different - and perhaps unsurmountable - expectations they have of each other.
Old Habits July 23rd, 2015 Laura treats us to a montage of her gross vampire ex-girlfriend. Turns out the love goggles do hide the hair in the shower drain…
The Great Debate Prep July 28th, 2015 When JP informs everyone that the Board intends to sell 15% of the Silas Students' Bodies, the gang comes up with a plan for Vordenberg to battle Mattie in a verbal debate to unseat her from the Board Chair position.
Coup De Grace July 30th, 2015 Armed with the information to take down Mattie, Laura & Co - to Carmilla's alarm - aim to place Vordenberg as Board Chair, disregarding the consequences.
Dividing Lines August 4th, 2015 Vordie's Anti-Vampire agenda now out in the open, Carmilla is now persona non grata on campus and flees.
Damage Control August 6th, 2015 Mattie brings a wounded Carmilla back to Laura, but they struggle to find a middle ground.
Prisoner's Dilemma August 11th, 2015 The gang hides the vampires under the floorboards, and narrowly avoids being caught by Vordie's patrols.
Compulsory Violence August 13th, 2015 Perry attacks Mattie, Laura breaks down, and Carmilla gives up information that could change everything.
Wild Kingdom August 18th, 2015 Carmilla, Mattie, JP, Laura and Danny adjust to their new normal under Vordie's rule - until LaF bursts in with some disquieting news.
Hunger Games August 20th, 2015 Theo takes Kirsch to task about where his loyalties lie - with the Zetas or with Danny? The gang learns the hard way that you do not starve a vampire.
Bluster and Consequences August 25th, 2015 Between Vordenberg's plan for Lophii and Mattie's plan for Silas, things are dire on campus.
Concerned Parties August 27th, 2015 As Radio Free Vordenberg continues to spew anti-inhuman rhetoric around campus, Mattie takes Laura to task: she's a naïve girl who's in over her head and whose ill advised actions will only make things worse.
Zones of Friendship September 1st, 2015 Kirsch and Danny have a heart to heart about where they stand - and he reveals what Vordie and the Zetas' plan is. Laura and Carmilla share a moment alone, and have their own realizations.
Spilled Blood September 3rd, 2015 Laura and Carmilla find Mattie in their room, knocked out and covered in blood. She doesn't remember what happened. So they turn to the camera.
Godslayer September 8th, 2015 Believing she killed her sisters, Danny betrays Mattie and brings Vordenberg to the homebase. A tense stand-off ensues leading to a horrific conclusion.
Co-Existence September 10th, 2015 Carmilla, full of rage, disappointment and fury at Laura - who killed Mattie by proxy - gives up on her and leaves.
Siege Tactics September 15th, 2015 Reeling from Mattie's death, Carmilla's departure, and the Baron's goons closing in on them, the gang barricades their quarters and hope for the best.
Radio Letter September 17th, 2015 Laura sees Carmilla out on the lawn and is afraid she's headed for the Anglerfish crater. As the siege continues, Laura broadcasts to Carm in hopes of bringing her back.
Just In Case September 22nd, 2015 Theo returns with an interesting proposition to doublecross the Baron. Can they trust him?
Last Call September 24th, 2015 As the siege gets worse and the Baron gets closer, Laura tries again to break through to Carmilla - who finally contacts her back. It's far from what Laura wants to hear.
Not Afraid September 29th, 2015 In the penultimate episode of the season, true alliances are revealed and one of the gang might not make it out alive.
The Execution of Carmilla Karnstein October 1st, 2015 Laura faces a choice she's never had to make: betray herself and what she stands for, or save Carmilla from Vordenberg.