Research Trip
Ep14 9
Season One, Episode 14
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Air date September 16th, 2014
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I, Spy My Roommate, The Vampire

"Research Trip" is the 14th episode of Carmilla. It aired on September 16th, 2014.


Laura and LaFontaine get the "bright idea" to head to the Library to do some research...THE LIBRARY!? 


Ep14 2

She'll never think to look here

After Carmilla's flirting, Laura considers what that could potentially mean. Either Carmilla has a crush on her, or is pretending to have a crush on her because Laura is her next target. Both possibilities are unappealing to her, and freaked out Laura takes off the charm Carmilla gave her and hides it under Carmilla's mattress. 

Ep14 4

Yeah... Perr likes normal.

LaFontaine comes to report that they were unable to follow Carmilla. They see how unsettled Laura looks, and Laura confides in them that she's unsure if she can do anything about Carmilla as Perry doesn't seem to believe that Carmilla could be involved with anything abnormal. LaFontaine says Perry has always liked normal, and when she's in situations where things are not normal, she tries to make it normal.

Ep14 7

... by snatching this off the wall.

That's when LaF suggests they go behind Perry's back to the Dean. They plan to sneak into the Faculty Club and show what they've found about Carmilla to the Dean. Later, a dishevelled Laura and LaFontaine are being reprimanded by Danny and being taken care of by Perry. The pair did manage to get into the Faulty Club by pretending to be a visiting professor and research assistant, but LaF blew their cover before they could get to the Dean. Laura was able to grab a picture from the wall, and in the picture is a woman who looks very much like Carmilla.

Ep14 8

These two geniuses decided to hit up the library.

The only clue they got from the picture was it was taken in 1954. To find out more LaFontaine and Laura decide go to the library, after dark. In the library they started to hear skittering, but didn't face any more resistance then. The online system gave them references without them having to type anything, so they were able to find most of the books they were looking for before things started getting strange.

Ep14 10

Ruined Faulkner for me.

Either Laura and LaF got themselves lost, or the staircase moved. And the computer screens were saying "Run. Run now." Some of the books were airborne and the card catalog began attacking the pair. With a lighter and mace they made a makeshift flamethrower, which resulted in them being trapped in a flaming vortex. They sent a message to Danny, saying "Come quick. Stuck in Library. Bring fire extinguisher." The sprinklers turned on and Laura and LaFontaine were able to escape through a window.

Ep14 11

Vampire, vampire, vampire, yeah?

For their efforts, they've discovered pictures of Carmilla at Silas at different points in time, each time with a different name. She appears every twenty years or so, and each time girls go missing. Laura beings to suggest that Carmilla might be a vampire. LaF cuts her off, saying it has been obvious that she's a vampire since the incident with the blood in the milk container.


Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • A copy of Absalom, Absalom! almost cut LaFontaine's wrist. Absalom, Absalom! is a Southern Gothic novel by the American author William Faulkner, published in 1936.


Laura: Okay. So if that really was flirting then there are two options here. One, my immoral, jerkface, possible kidnapper roommate has a crush on me and is giving me presents. Or two, my immoral, jerkface, possible kidnapper roommate is pretending to have a crush on me and giving me presents because I'm next.

Laura: I showed Perry footage of Carmilla lifting, like, a 400 pound duffel bag and Perry suggested Carm must really be giving it her all at bootcamp.
LaFontaine: Yeah. Perr likes normal.

LaFontaine: Come on. Let's get you changed into something with a little less whiff.
Laura: Are you saying I smell?
LaFontaine: I'm saying I don't want the way you smell to affect my credibility with the dean.

Danny: You know what this girl did? At 6:48 PM? These two geniuses decide to hit up the library.
Laura: Which I admit, in retrospect, was not the most brilliant idea.

LaFontaine: A copy of Absalom, Absalom! tried to slice my left wrist open. Ruined Faulkner for me.
Laura: So, we did what any normal person would do if they were caught in a flying vortex of modern literature and index cards from the 1970's.
LaFontaine: We created a flamethrower using a lighter and some mace Laura's dad gave her.
Laura: Which left us trapped in a flaming vortex.

Laura: I mean I know it sounds crazy, but she's nocturnal. She's so strong. She's at least 80 years old and she drinks blood.
LaFontaine: Well, yeah. We know she's a vampire. I mean, we've known that since the blood in the milk container, right? Vampire, vampire, vampire, yeah?


Carmilla Episode 14 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 14 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella