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Season One, Episode 5
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Air date August 19, 2014
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The Roommate Why Bother?

"Patterns" is the fifth episode of Carmilla. It aired on August 19th, 2014.


Laura broadens her investigation into the disappearance of her roommate Betty and questions two other co-eds that disappeared...and came back. It's weird.


...this has happened before?

Laura is shocked over Perry's revelation. She attempts to brush it off as something normal, the result of wild parties, something very common to Silas. LaFontaine wonders why Laura hasn't heard of the phenomenon, recounting that the girls in question went missing for a period of two days, and then showed up with no memory of what happened between. Laura expresses a desire to speak to the girls in question, but both LaFontaine and Perry are hesitant to let her do so.

Okay then...

Carmilla makes a surprise entrance, changing from her current clothing to Betty's, completely unconcerned with the other women in the room. Perry nervously bids Carmilla hello and then bolts, LaFontaine in tow. Carmilla goes over to the fridge, only for Laura to inform her that the soy milk isn't there. Carmilla brushes it off as a prank, and is unimpressed by Laura's announcement she was the one behind the rumors about her.

Tiny investigator at work

Sarah Jane and Natalie, who are some of the girls who had gone missing for two days, arrive for Laura's interview. Sarah seems to recognize Carmilla, but the girl brushes aside the comment when she asks about any potential connection. Laura conducts questioning, eager to discover details on their disappearances, with Carmilla snarking from her side of the room. The investigation turns up nothing, but Natalie reveals she had strange dreams prior to it happening.

Did I mess up your big break there, Lauronica Mars?

Natalie states that she was in the dark, and a creature was near her. On occasion, she'd see a figure in a white dress, before darkness consumed her. Carmilla, by way of humming a tune, unsettles both girls and causes them to leave, sparking Laura's anger.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Natalie and Sarah Jane.

Cultural References[]

  • El zilcho: A slang that means zero. Sarah Jane uses it to respond to Laura's question if they remembered anything.
  • Carmilla starts whistling the X-flies theme while Natalie is describing her creepy dreams.
  • Carmilla calls Laura 'Lauronica Mars' referring to Veronica Mars.


Carmilla: (Enters the room)
Perry: You must be Carmilla.
Carmilla: Must I be?

Carmilla: That bunched up little face you make when you're angry is hilarious, buttercup.

Carmilla: If someone's going around kidnapping girls, I can see why they threw those two back.
Laura: (Looks at her furiously)
Carmilla: Oh, sorry. Did I mess up your big break there, Lauronica Mars?



Carmilla Episode 5 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella