Monsters, Lies & Videotapes
Ep30 2
Season One, Episode 30
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Air date November 11th, 2014
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PTSD & Brownies Of Hearts And Holy Hand Grenades

"Monsters, Lies & Videotapes" is the 30th episode of Carmilla. It aired on November 11th, 2014.

Logline Edit

Laura, Carmilla, Perry and the newly-returned LaFontaine try to piece together what happened to LaFontaine since she has been gone when an unexpected audio recording sheds some light on the situation. 


Ep30 1

There's just nothing. I remember being here, talking to you, and then I was in that corner and like no time had passed.

Keeping in line with the symptoms the other girls displayed, LaFontaine has no memory of what happened while they were gone. Knowing that the parasites are in them they ask if the others learned of any way to get rid of them, but the book doesn't have any information on how to stop the parasites. Perry tries to suggest aspirin to relieve the symptoms.

Ep30 3

The group listening to Laf's recording.

LaFontaine's phone makes a noise that everyone takes note of, with the entire group realizing that LaFontaine unknowingly recorded their kidnapping. From the recording they learn the girls are alive and being kept in a cave or basement, judging by what they hear, they also hear Will talking about a ritual for the new moon. The date of the new moon is on Friday, also the day Laura's paper is due.
Ep30 5

Ohhh, snacks!

Laura, knowing that the vampires need five girls, is hopeful that they can prevent them from taking two more girls. At this point the girls realize LaFontaine's laid back attitude is caused because of the parasites and LaFontaine has already begun to go into "pod-person" mode, or in other terms, the same thing the deceased Sarah Jane and the missing Natalie displayed. Perry takes LaFontaine to her room to keep them safe from the vampires.



Laura: It looks like the dean sacrifices five girls every twenty years.
LaFontaine: Wow, so much for the university's progressive policies on feminism, huh?

Carmilla: Well, why does anyone start a cult? Wealth. Power. Eternal youth. To get back at people you knew in high school.


Carmilla Episode 30 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 30 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella