Mommy Dearest
Ep32 5
Season One, Episode 32
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Air date November 18th, 2014
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"Mommy Dearest" is the 32nd episode of Carmilla. It aired on November 18th, 2014.

Logline Edit

Laura hasn't really been herself lately since, ya know, being possessed by the Dean and Carmilla is the only one equipped to deal with it. 


Ep32 3

Kill you? When you think of the lengths I've gone to save you from your own foolishness? No.

The Dean, now in possession of Laura, berates Carmilla for not coming back to her, with Carmilla questioning why she is using Laura as an avatar as opposed to coming in person. The Dean admits she didn't want others listening in, before pulling out J.P.'s USB and crushing it, deriding him as being annoying and expressing joy in having eliminated him. The Dean explains to Carmilla one day she will understand why she's done everything she has, and that there is a reason for the sacrifices.

Ep32 4

J.P.'s USB inhabitance is no match for the dean.

Carmilla doesn't want to understand why her mother killed Ell. The Dean calls her foolish for thinking she could be with Ell, or with Laura, citing that stone cannot love flesh, referring to Carmilla's undead nature and the living nature of Carmilla's previous loves. She points out a flaw in the plan Laura and Carmilla came up with revealing that the Blade of Hastur, the sword which they planned to use, consumes anyone who uses it. Carmilla questions why she would even tell her, with The Dean admitting she doesn't want to kill her daughter.

Ep32 7

Shall we take the prom king here and leave you and the little moppet alone?

The Dean offers Carmilla a deal, if she keeps Laura out of the way she won't take her as a sacrifice. Carmilla predictably doesn't trust her, so The Dean calls for Will. He and Kirsch come into the room, with The Dean explaining the offer in greater detail, specifically, she will replace Laura with Kirsch. Carmilla mentions that the sacrifice needs girls, with The Dean explaining that girls being victimized is mere tradition, and that any virgin will do.

Ep32 8

Just choking you, bro.

After a moment of deliberation, Carmilla accepts the deal and as a result, Will grabs Kirsch, placing the Zeta in a choke hold until he passes out, dragging him from the room. The Dean takes off the necklace, abandoning Laura as her avatar and causing Laura to regain control of her body. The woman in question falls onto the bed, coming to her senses with no recollection of what happened. When she asks about it, Carmilla lies and tells her the necklace was poisoned, not telling Laura about what really happened between The Dean and herself.


Trivia Edit


The Dean: That little son of a glitch has been a loose end since he disappeared into that rabbit hole we call a library back in 1874.

*Will puts Kirsch in a chokehold*
Kirsch: Will, dude! What are you doing?
Will: Choking you bro.
Kirsch: Okay.
Will: Just choking you, bro.

Carmilla: Do you think I'm ever going to understand why you fed the only girl I've ever loved to an abomination?

The Dean: Stone cannot love flesh.


Carmilla Episode 32 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 32 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella