Life Goes On
Ep36 3
Season One, Episode 36
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Air date December 2nd, 2014
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"Life Goes On" is the 36th episode of Carmilla, and the final episode of Season One. It aired on December 2nd, 2014.


Laura turns the camera on one last time to share how she feels about the events that just unfolded at Silas...and talk about what she's lost. 


Ep36 1


Several days after the battle with The Dean and Carmilla's death, Laura records another video at Perry's behest. Betty, having been rescued from the vampires, is looking through the closet while remarking on the lack of possessions belonging to Carmilla, who had appropriated them over the course of the semester. Laura informs her viewers that Betty was actually supposed to go to Princeton, not Silas, and is currently waiting on a transfer.

Ep36 2

There is blood in the milk container. Why is there blood in the milk container?

Laura recounts her activities in the days since Carmilla's sacrifice. Due to Danny's actions in changing her literature grade, she didn't fail her classes. She also reveals that she passed Journalism with an A-, although she is cut off from her activity when Betty discovers the blood filled soy milk container. Understandably upset by this, Betty flees the room, wondering why anyone would go to the school in the first place. The room subsequently shakes uncomfortably, jarring the camera. Laura states that much has changed in the days since the battle, specifically, J.P. actually survived his supposed death and was transferred to a secondary USB by LaFontaine. The two of them are apparently dating, and Perry is dealing with the news "the best that she can".

Ep36 6

Please don't be dead, please don't be dead.

Laura begins to remember Carmilla, close to tears as she laments her fallen roommate. She admits that Carmilla was a terrible roommate, in addition to being an unlikable person, but despite these faults, Laura still cared for her. She wonders about Carmilla's actions in risking her life for Laura, only to be interrupted when Perry enters the room. Perry describes that the Zetas and Kirsch were near the pit, throwing cherry bombs inside, only for Danny to rush in with Carmilla's body.

Ep36 8

And I know that you're probably going... through a lot of stuff with your mom.... it's just that...

Laura immediately rushes to get blood, hoping that Carmilla isn't dead. Carmilla manages to consume the blood and weakly sits up, watching wearily while Laura rambles about how Carmilla is safe. While Perry and Danny depart the room, Laura questions Carmilla to see if she's alright, and wordlessly, Carmilla stands up and kisses Laura.

Ep36 9

Their first kiss.

Some time later, Laura and Carmilla are sitting in front of the camera, with Laura trying to find out how Carmilla survived the battle. Just before she can describe her survival, LaFontaine bursts into the room, searching frantically for the Sumerian book recovered earlier from the library. LaFontaine hands it to Carmilla and orders her to find the section of the book regarding Lophiiformes.
Ep36 14

Turns out the Giant Evil Anglerfish isn't dead after all.

LaFontaine points out that Lophiiformes consumed normal humans as part of a ritual, and then poses the question of what would happen if it ate a powerful vampire, like the Dean, who was especially powerful. The room shakes uncomfortably as a loud noise occurs outside. All three realize that the anglerfish god isn't dead after all, and Laura immediately recommends that they flee the campus. Seconds later, the alarm goes off, and the trio look at the camera, which blacks out as the alarms ring across the campus.


Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the last appearance of Betty Spielsdorf.


Carmilla Episode 36 Based on the J

Carmilla Episode 36 Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella