Christmas Witch
Position Café owner
Age Unknown
Status Deceased

Portrayed by Gillian English
First appeared in The Gingerbread Affair
Last appeared in The Gingerbread Affair

Portrayed by Gillian English, this unnamed witch, who prominently appeared in the Christmas Special, served briefly as an antagonist to Laura Hollis and her friends. Initially introduced as a kind owner of a café, she was soon revealed to be responsible for turning visitors to the establishment into gingerbread, of whom she subsequently ate.

History Edit

The solitary occupant of an unnamed café, this witch once had a family. When her business began to suffer, she subsequently turned them into gingerbread and ate them. Following this event, she lured others into her café, offering them gingerbread, which gave her time to turn them into gingerbread themselves. She gained a reputation for this and others subsequently avoided heading into the café.

Around the Christmas season, Carmilla Karnstein, Laura Hollis, LaFontaine and Lola Perry evaded a mob that Carmilla agitated by ducking into the café. There, they met the witch, and unaware of her nature, began to enjoy a treat in the form of gingerbread. While the others were fooled by her hospitality, Carmilla immediately saw through the deception, citing the earlier observation that the previously violent mob had become uncharacteristically fearful and avoided entering the establishment as proof something was wrong. Carmilla's warning initially came to no avail as the others did not believe her when she warned them about the situation. When the witch unwisely revealed her true colors moments later and targeted Laura, Carmilla lost her temper and turned into her animal persona, immediately killing the witch for targeting her girlfriend.