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Brave New World
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Season Two, Episode one
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Air date June 2nd, 2015
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'"Brave New World" is the first episode Carmilla season two. It aired on June 2nd, 2015.


Having just returned to Silas, Carmilla, Laura, LaF and Perry settle in the swish new digs Carmilla has just stolen for them. Things don't stay quiet for long…


Hollstein smooches.

After a failed attempt to flee Silas, Laura and the others are forced to return to campus until they find another way to escape by researching in the library. For the time being, they are staying in a stylish new home, which was being occupied by Psychology teacher assistants until Carmilla scared them off.

You see, the anglerfish god is rather big...

Laura recounts what happened last semester. Following the battle with the Dean and the subsequent rise of the the anglerfish demigod, it got trapped trying to rise from the pit. Though the Lustig Building and the nearby buildings collapsed into a giant crater, the anglerfish being stuck has, at least temporarily, stalled the campus's destruction.

Yeah? And like half the rooms have secret passages which we should probably board the hell up but still pretty cool, huh?

Carmilla teases Laura for calling her heroic, but before the two can do anything romantic, LaFontaine interrupts them. They inform them that the library is inaccessible and that Perry went to the student paper to see if they have any information. LaFontaine asks how Carmilla knew of this house, expressing their pleasure with the new accommodations, which include numerous luxuries such as hot tubs, large screen TVs and secret passages.


Carmilla brushes aside the issue, citing the house's former owner is of no importance. Lafontaine leaves to check on J.P., who they have on the smart TV. Laura and Carmilla prepare to spend some time alone, only to be interrupted again, this time by a stunned and bloodied Perry walking into the room.


Cultural References[]

  • The Sound of Music - a 1959 musical, based the memoir of Maria von Trapp. In the story the Von Trapp family flees Austria over the Alps.


Laura: Turns out, escaping Austria across the Alps, not as easy as the Sound of Music made it out to be.

Laura: I'm just going to finish up the video here.
LaFontaine: "Finish up the video"...Sure.



Carmilla Season 2 Episode 1 "Brave New World"